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Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Beginner Programmer I'm just starting out! I'm still trying to grasp the basics. Programming Strength Just a new game designer still learning will be uploading arcade-style games soon enjoy ;) Also I will have a website soon if you ever want to check it
  1. Eelir Eelir commented on Super Bearland One of my favorite games to play on the 3ds definitely an amazing style. Found a glitch but it d...
  2. Eelir Eelir replied to a comment on NyanCat for 3DS and Switch Found this game just now and lol I was thrown off before seeing the date this was released
  3. Eelir Eelir commented on Speedrungeon Duuuude this game is so amazing would love to see an official game on eshop even if it needs to...
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