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Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Gardening I like to garden! Hobbies Avatar Embargo I didn't change my avatar for 90 days Website Avatar Block I didn't change my avatar for 30 days. Website Walking, Talking, and Disintegrating into chalking. Alice Computer Electronics specializes in creating many different types of games, such as wireframe top down shoot em up' "TANK GAME" and the upcoming "Amaya's Castle". We do not have internet access due to an error in our singular employee's setting of their birthday, so we have to use other means of distributing our games. games can be found at our website: https://ghost-bit.github.io/webstuff/coolstuff
  1. AliceCE AliceCE replied to a comment on SmileBASIC API Much obliged. I guess all i can do is play the waiting game, but i won't grovel about it beyond...
  2. AliceCE AliceCE commented on SmileBASIC API Did this die? it's giving me a not found error
  3. AliceCE AliceCE commented on SIM.3D Can someone please email this to me as a file? i can't access the online feature so i can't down...
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