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SmileBASIC Source Staff

Who are the staff?

If you have issues that you'd like to resolve, contact one of the staff below. View a user's profile to see a list of their powers.

randomous Owner

Yolkai Head Admin

snail_ Power User

MasterR3C0RD Power User

niconii Power User

Staff Powers (least to greatest)

Power User

Send messages in Staff chatroom

Make announcement threads in the forums

Make chat announcements across all rooms

Chat Moderator

Ban users from chat up to 1 day

Forum Moderator

Edit or delete comments

Edit or delete forum posts

Close or reopen polls

Close or reopen threads

Rename threads

Move threads

Sticky threads

Page Moderator

Edit submitted pages

Promote pages to the front page


Block users from chat up to 1 week

Block users from website up to 1 week

Delete threads

Delete user submitted pages

A bit of control over the chat server

Set the alert banner at top of website

Give out certain badges

Retrieve special information from the server

Block user's avatar

Head Admin

Grant lower stars to other users

Block users from website for any time

Change usernames

Supreme control over chat server

Hide your powers

Elevated power


Grant or remove any individual permission

Clear unnecessary files on the server


Having problems?

Make sure you contact the right member of staff for the job! The staff are here to keep everyone happy and to keep the content in order. Staff can help you with vandalism, bad programs, and user conflicts. On the other hand, if you're having website issues (such as bugs or feature requests), post on the appropriate forum or contact one of the developers. Staff can't fix bugs or add features (unless the staff member happens to be a website developer).

If you're having problems in the chat, try to resolve it yourself if you can before going to an admin. Any staff member that's at least a Chat Moderator should be able to help if there's a situation.

If you're having problems in the forums, you can contact any Forum Moderator. You can also flag the post, but feel free to contact someone if it's urgent. This includes the comment sections on pages.

If you're having problems with a page (such as offensive content, non-working public key, etc.) and you're not the owner of the page, you can contact a Page Moderator. You'll have to contact a proper Admin to delete pages and threads.

If you're having problems with a staff member, contact one of the Head Admins. You can also contact a Head Admin if you want to become part of staff. If one of the Head Admins is causing problems, contact one of the website developers. Even if everything seems bleak, send an email to [email protected] and someone should be able to sort things out!