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  1. ERROR! Virtual Buffalo By: kantackistan P3T43E3V The most difficult "Virtual Pet" game ever!
  2. ERROR! Versus Buffalo By: kantackistan 483XE43N4 The Multiplayer sequel to Virtual Buffalo!
  3. ERROR! Mu5icCi12cle By: PetitPocky EE3XX3K4 Rhythm game! Aim AllPerfect! http://tinyurl.com/jzl6w29
  4. ERROR! Fireworks By: Krondelo 5B3E5N4E Yay! Welcome to 'FireWorks', my first full game! It's a simple arcade style game, I think it's b...
  5. ERROR! Music Ninja (WIP) By: Aang__ C3E3XDCX A classic dungeon crawler game with a twist, use instruments, metronomes, and a lantern to defea...
  6. ERROR! Fairhythm By: tatu_kin1192 4C44EX394 This is a rhythm game. You, the fairy, pick flowers to the music. Joy-Con, keyboard, and touch...
  7. ERROR! Pushups! By: SwanBot BDDXNVAE A fun little OSP I made
  8. ERROR! Cheese Loop By: SmokelessRaccoon C13QH3J4 cheese
  9. ERROR! A game about buttons. By: the_squat1115 4DVPP34D Buttons.
  10. ERROR! Raccoon Music Maker By: SmokelessRaccoon NKVJ5XY3 make "music"
  11. ERROR! Slots (OSP Contest) By: JustGreat DRV323N4 It's the classic game of slots!