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  1. ERROR! Miscellaneous By: Nathaniel XDD373KE A compilation of my old games.
  2. ERROR! Drifters By: hanzo BZ7VV3R4 This is simple racing game with pre-rendering mode7 algorithm.
  3. ERROR! Wave Game By: Minxrod BR23EN4V Basic game like the wave mode of Geometry Dash
  4. ERROR! Speedrungeon By: kantackistan 4EKXNQ4SF AAAAAA!! AAA!! AAAAAA!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!
  5. ERROR! RALLY500 PARA4(SB4) By: hanzo 4N3S33EXY This is car racing game based on ranking qualification system.
  6. ERROR! Digital Derby DS By: Archive SDEXE8HE Weave through traffic in this simple but addicting Text Mode road racer!
  7. ERROR! The Evil Skeleton Overlord Battle Simulator 2017 By: Perska PKA3NPKP some red hair guy vs spook skeleton. who wins will shock you
  8. ERROR! Simple Racing Game By: ninjagnu QDNDSXND A very basic racing game using the default system GRP. It was the first big thing I ever made wi...
  9. ERROR! Highway By: the_squat1115 BRRXCKKE Endless racing game!
  10. ERROR! Fit in By: ChaseCZ R1E423QJ Wanna play Pose Mii Plus on your 3DS WITHOUT GYRO CONTROLS?! PLAY THIS SUPER GREAT GAME NOW!!!
  11. ERROR! DOT RACER: RETURN TO TOMORROW By: Icepenguins101 W1EEA3J4 Dot Racer: Return to Tomorrow was originally developed by Bloodstreams Corporation in 2015 and w...