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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! 3D Parkour By: Simeon WR3XX3RJ A massive 3D platforming game. [Update 6/18/20] I'm working on the universal version of this ap...
  2. ERROR! Versus Buffalo By: kantackistan 483XE43N4 The Multiplayer sequel to Virtual Buffalo!
  3. ERROR! Depoly By: Nathaniel 4233E82AV A minimalistic multiplayer shooter with juicy graphics.
  4. ERROR! Miscellaneous By: Nathaniel XDD373KE A compilation of my old games.
  5. ERROR! PONG 3D (3D Perspective) By: MYCRAFTisbest Z5VXNVKE Pong in a 3D perspective with minor changes
  7. ERROR! Lemon Bomber By: kantackistan 4Z3348KNE Download It and C4 Yourself
  8. ERROR! Rock, Paper, Scissors! By: Morgan KECQA3L4 A rock, paper, scissors, game to play by yourself, or with friends and family.
  9. ERROR! Battlemon By: Alphadog_Games J3434DKS Battle the Battlemon!
  10. ERROR! MID (SB4) By: blizord 4KK8VPEY MID is a 2 - 4 player real time strategy game. Each player has a castle on their corner of the r...
  11. ERROR! Tarudahat's random projects page: current project : Quess Draw By: Tarudahat CKE8VXLF A game I made in 5 hours
  12. ERROR! The Lazer Wars By: Joshuawl Z5NX53HV In this game you are a ship and you are against another ship. You both have three lives. Your go...
  13. ERROR! Speedrungeon By: kantackistan 4EKXNQ4SF AAAAAA!! AAA!! AAAAAA!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!
  14. ERROR! BomberLink By: JustGreat B2DE33AV Website lurker was actually working on a game this whole time (v0.4)
  15. ERROR! Etch-A-Sketch By: TravelerSteve 73X8VE4Y This is a drawing program giving the user the ability to draw on both top and bottom screens wit...
  16. ERROR! Simple Multiplayer Demos By: TheV360 5X5QV3NJ A few demos to test multiplayer.
  17. ERROR! RGEN By: JohnCorby 73ANN3KP I might actually update this or improve it somehow. I don't know exactly how, but it's a possibi...
  18. ERROR! Battleship By: MCGamer20000 E3S34XGX Battleship! I SUCK AT DESCRIPTIONS! :D Currently only playable with 1 system multiplayer Known...
  19. ERROR! 2P Mania By: Xyore 93X3QDAX A 2-player mini-game frenzy where each players takes one half of the 3DS. I'll be adding more t...
  20. ERROR! Tic Tac Toe By: NoSignal404 DKSNXPGX Tic Tac Toe! Play with a friend! Update! X is blue, O is red, and I found out about the GLINE c...
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