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Programs for SmileBASIC

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  1. ERROR! Th. GRP Editor (trans) By: LohadL 747EV3GJ A better, more precise, button controlled sprite/bg editor. (Author: Th. Translator: LohadL)
  2. ERROR! Poly3D By: kevinfoley 4KE3N396 A 3D engine with model editor
  3. ERROR! Fractal Canvas By: Simeon D85BEQD A new approach to art.
  4. ERROR! 3DENGINE By: triangle 43KNQEA6 A 3D engine programmed with easy use in mind. Also includes 4D and MODE7.
  5. ERROR! Realistic Raytracer By: Simeon EKR432HE A slow, yet realistic raytracing engine that handles sphere luminance, light refractions, and re...
  6. ERROR! eZSB Toolkit: SmileBASIC Made eZ By: MYCRAFTisbest XXD3YD Helps makes games easier and quicker than ever before! Even in 3D (MODE 7)
  7. ERROR! Globe By: 12Me21 4DY3EEH3 Displays an image on a sphere. Changes from version 1: -increased speed (around 2x) -now writes...
  8. ERROR! R-OS Bee, The Definitive R-OS with a Fresh Coat of Bees. By: h267 43LEDEAE R-OS Saturn, faster and better than ever!
  9. ERROR! Textbox By: a_load_of_barnacles DAPBEBD Creates an advanced textbox that has scrolling text, text properties (color, speed, depth, etc.)...
  10. ERROR! Bézier Curves By: PwnBlck KEEYN3J4 Miiverse Post Trace high order Bézier curves with a simple GUI. Uses XY-point coordinate arrays...
  11. ERROR! Comic Creator By: chemicalex XEK3D84V Create realistic comics! Still in alpha.
  12. ERROR! GBLUR By: Avery 43X4TD NOTE: I've found that Lego_meister made an even better blurring algorithm which is 12x more effi...
  13. ERROR! Perlin Noise By: Simeon N3Q5Z3AD This enables efficient access to a 1D, 2D, or 3D infinite space of Perlin Noise by calling NOISE...
  14. ERROR! Petit Converter for Petit Modem By: ChangeV XDE473KE A simple way to compress (and convert back) files for Petit Modem with just few button clicks....
  15. ERROR! PaintTool 「juhsy」Ver237d By: moh6an 2BC4738V 32bit COLOR PaintTOOL ・5 Layer ・HSV/RGBCOLORPicker You Need 「Advanced Sound Processing Unit」(DLC...
  16. ERROR! Smile3D Engine (3D Test) By: jamieyello 8ANQV384 This is a rough and dirty port of a 3d engine I made with Trinitro21 back on Petit Computer DSi
  17. ERROR! Minecraft Banner Designer By: 12Me21 DVEXEDD Design Minecraft banners.
  18. ERROR! CHRVEC_2 By: MZ952 53KK33LY DRAWTEXT StartX, StartY, EndX, EndY, Text string, Color code Fills a rectangular space with vec...
  19. ERROR! Random Terrain Generator By: 12Me21 DXEYV3AJ Uses the diamond-square algorithm to generate random terrain.
  20. ERROR! 6x8 font pack By: CyberYoshi64 Y323QDQF 6X8 font ext
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