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i just wanted to try out the resource i was wondering what this page looked like, but anyway i also wanted to make it useful. So, we are working with sprites, and we will be covering alot of sprite commands. the glossary for descriptions(in ()) is at the bottom. so first we will talk about making custom sprites using the smile tool. Sprite Editing first you click the smile button at the bottom of the code editor to open the smile tool, then you click the paint button to go to the paint tool. here you can customize your sprites to almost perfection excepting the fact that this is an 8-bit programming game. then when your done you can click the save button and type in the name of the sprite file you want to make. after your done with the sprite art, in your code you need to type load"grp4:(sprite sheet name)"(dialog display flag) Sprite Display to display a sprite on screen, you need to type spset (sprite tracking number or variable),(sprite definition number). then the sprite should appear if you did it right. remember: you can always view sprites and their definition numbers in the smile tool after clicking spdef. Sprite Movement this one is simple, but remember you need to display the sprite on screen before being able to use this, or it will display an error. to use this, you type in spofs (sprite tracking number or variable),(sprite x),(sprite y). then the sprite should go to that part of the screen. please note if the sprite is at regular size and (sprite x) is bigger than 383 or less then 0 or (sprite y) is bigger than 223 or less than 0 the sprite WONT be completely on screen. Sprite Size remember you need to display the sprite on screen before being able to use this, or it will display an error.ok now we have sprite definition and sprite movement, now for size. for this you use spscale (sprite tracking number or variable),(enlargment x),(enlargment y) and it can grow or shrink. i dont recomend using decimals unless its with a variable that can change though. Sprite Rotation remember you need to display the sprite on screen before being able to use this, or it will display an error. this one has 2 commands to go with it! yay!!! ok so heres the first one: sphome (sprite tracking number or variable),(x coord),(y coord) this just gives the sprite a place to rotate around. I didn't know how to use sphome then lol. This is as in the sprite grid, not the main coordinate grid. So sphome 0,8,8 will make it centered ON THE SPRITE. Or it could be -8,-8. I'm sure it's 8,8 though. next is: sprot (sprite tracking number or variable),(rotation degrees) this just rotates the sprite at the specified angle. Concluding ok so i KNOW i didnt cover everything just what i remembered off the top of my head. please dont get mad i just wanted to see what a resource is like while helping you wend lol i program too much but yeah i hope this helped in a good way. Glossary (sprite sheet name): name for sprite sheet (dialog display flag): if 0 or false then wont display dialog if omitted or 1 or true then will display (sprite tracking number or variable): number to track sprite (sprite definition number): number to define sprite (sprite x)(sprite y): sprite location x,y (enlargement x)(enlargement y): size x,y (x coord)(y coord): coordinates x,y (rotation degrees): 0-360 degrees DO YOU TAKE MATH CLASS OR NOT?! jkjk but i dont want to explain this im sure a lot of the people know this one like 6,000,000,000/7,000,000,000 of people
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