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Amiboo Training Simulator

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Description Train your own amiboo! Share it with your friends! In this new update, there's a brand new stage, more bug fixes, a temporary music for the stage, and also a much better-looking menu! Expect a new challenger coming to v3.0! And, of course, anything that you guys suggest me on Miiverse. I hope you enjoy Amiboo Training Simulator. Discontinued. You may do whatever you want with this program, no credit required whatsoever. Instructions Press A to train a brand new amiboo, or press B to fight one of your previously saved amiboo. Use the circle pad to choose your fighter and your amiboo. Press L+R to begin!
  1. A - Attack
  2. B - Jump
  3. Left and Right - Move
  4. Down (on ground) - Crouch
  5. Down (in midair) - Quick Drop
Make sure to train your amiboo efficiently! It will take a while, but eventually it might surprise you! While on the End screen, press A to fight again, press B to go back to the main menu or press X to save your amiboo.
Notes Version 1.0: KRNX52KE Initial Release. Version 1.5: A584528E *You can now load amiboo Version 2.0: EXCV833J *TJ "Henry" Yoshi joins the battle *New character selection screen *Amiboo now have levels of experience, from 1 to 100 *Improved attacks and physics *Added voice acting Version 2.5: PE33D2AE (latest version) *New stage, removed the old one *Added temporary stage music *Improved the menu and character selection *Fixed more bugs and problems *Added credits to bottom screen Thanks for playing! Credits: Trinitro21 and Perska for importing several essential files. 12Me21 for the WAV player. Lumage for that awesome Sanic stage.
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61 Comment(s) Sam Sam Amazing Page Hidden Achievements Great Page Hidden Achievements Good Page Hidden Achievements 1.5 is out! ElzoBro ElzoBro First Day Joined on the very first day of SmileBASIC Source Website Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Drawing I like to draw! Hobbies Why is it being downvoted it's early alpha right? 1 2