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Amiboo Training Simulator

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Description Train your own amiboo! Share it with your friends! In this new update, there's a brand new stage, more bug fixes, a temporary music for the stage, and also a much better-looking menu! Expect a new challenger coming to v3.0! And, of course, anything that you guys suggest me on Miiverse. I hope you enjoy Amiboo Training Simulator. Discontinued. You may do whatever you want with this program, no credit required whatsoever. Instructions Press A to train a brand new amiboo, or press B to fight one of your previously saved amiboo. Use the circle pad to choose your fighter and your amiboo. Press L+R to begin!
  1. A - Attack
  2. B - Jump
  3. Left and Right - Move
  4. Down (on ground) - Crouch
  5. Down (in midair) - Quick Drop
Make sure to train your amiboo efficiently! It will take a while, but eventually it might surprise you! While on the End screen, press A to fight again, press B to go back to the main menu or press X to save your amiboo.
Notes Version 1.0: KRNX52KE Initial Release. Version 1.5: A584528E *You can now load amiboo Version 2.0: EXCV833J *TJ "Henry" Yoshi joins the battle *New character selection screen *Amiboo now have levels of experience, from 1 to 100 *Improved attacks and physics *Added voice acting Version 2.5: PE33D2AE (latest version) *New stage, removed the old one *Added temporary stage music *Improved the menu and character selection *Fixed more bugs and problems *Added credits to bottom screen Thanks for playing! Credits: Trinitro21 and Perska for importing several essential files. 12Me21 for the WAV player. Lumage for that awesome Sanic stage.
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