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High quality WAV to SmileBASIC conversion tool

This tool is an improvement upon Perska's WAV2SBWAV tool (rewritten in a different programming language.) So shoutouts to Perska, and if my tool doesn't work for you, there's always another one you can try.

Download link

WAV2SBWAV by SamDb I'm pretty sure the old WAV2SBWAV was designed for 3DS users who did not have the audio DLC. Nowadays, SB4 comes with the DLC commands free of charge, so it would be nice if the converter could convert WAV files to the higher quality standard (i.e. 16-bit signed with stereo sound) Some new features that this tool has: - Supports both unsigned 8-bit and signed 16-bit - Supports both mono and stereo - Runs in any browser (probably?) - Fixed the bug where the last sample is in the footer or something like that (I think it's fixed but I could be wrong xd) ***Note that these features are all "in theory" because I haven't tested anything in SmileBASIC *wheeze* Also this tool doesn't have a progress bar, I couldn't get it to work (omg sam you're such a noob it's just a progress bar its so simple sam cmon)

How to use

- If your audio file isn't a WAV file, convert it to WAV. This is pretty easy, just import your audio file in some audio software like Audacity, and export it as WAV. Bam! a wav file. - Make sure your file is encoded in either unsigned 8-bit or in signed 16-bit (see the old tutorial for more info.) It can have any sample rate you want and it can be either stereo or mono. - Using my WAV2SBWAV tool, use the "Load WAV" button to load your file, then click on the "Save SBWAV" button to convert your file and download the result. - Transfer the resulting file(s) to SmileBASIC using any method you want. - Play these files with the PCMSTREAM command (note that the command needs you to tell it what the sample rate is) Some things that could be improved: - Implement progress bar - Put the current date in the file header (the old tool doesn't do it either, but is this even a problem?) - The front end could look better - The resulting files are relatively large, which is not convenient for transfering with tools like Petit Modem - It's very likely possible to merge the two stereo files into one 2D array file, but I don't know how to do that - Maybe check if this tool even works at all xd Please do post feedback, questions, etc. in the comments, or by sending me a private message.
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