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Description Ahoy. I am back, from the dead. With some, progress. No I lied it's mostly clean up, but I added some new features, like a somewhat dynamic camera. Still has a level editor. May edit it to make levels wider instead of being a giant square. Update 7-14-2022 Added a midair spin (think NSMB games after Wii) Added a buttstomp Maybe other things I forgot I added. Update 4-15-2022: Added a rudimentary inventory- You can throw stuff and pick them back up, up to a limited capacity. There's also a vending machine that spits out more items. Both items you throw and the vending machine makes have the same entity capacity. Long jump input slightly changed- You can hold the button on the second press to hold the pre-jump state. Made the map longer- Map is now longer instead of a big square. Graphics- You are now a root beer for some reason. I wanted something that easier to tell it's flipping and somehow came to this. Map Editor: The longer map was changed here too. Object placer: Press R to change from Block placing mode to Object placing mode. Objects and blocks can only be deleted in their respective modes. Instructions Jump- A Crouch-R (Deceleration rate lowered while crouching) Run/Interact/Pickup- B Throw Object- Y Backflip- Hold B+*(Forward then Back/While skidding) Then Press A (Exclamation point will appear when you can backflip) (Make sure you hold B the entire time before you jump.) Dodgeflip- R+A Longjump- R+Double Tap and Hold A to crouch Release A to Jump (Releasing R at any point will prevent you from doing the long jump) (The timing doesn't matter on the second tap, But timing it as you land from the flip is VERY satisfying :3) Midair Spin: R in Midair (Stops your vertical decent briefly) Ground Pound: Double tap R in midair Map Editor: Place block/object: Touch Switch between Block and Object mode: R Erase: Hold L+Tap Save: X
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