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Description AAAHH!! Get through the dungeon as fast as you can! DO IT!! Running at top speed is TOO SLOW!! You're going to need to build up momentum by stabbing the walls, throwing grappling hooks, and shooting fireballs to propel yourself at MAXIMUM VELOCITY!! Grab a friend IF THEY CAN FREAKING KEEP UP to tear through each room. Take a crash course in the Training Dungeon to hone your speedrun skills, then take them to the Daily Dungeon (which changes every day at midnight) or the Endless Dungeon (which should be self explanatory but if it's not TOO BAD WE DON'T HAVE TIME!!) And if you somehow find yourself with minutes to spare, head over to the Versus Dungeon and proceed to KILL EACH OTHER quick as you like. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! Go! Hurry!!
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1 Comment(s) kantackistan kantackistan Fixes:
  1. Prevented non-icey rooms from icing over
  2. Prevented Bumpyoos from blocking the only exit for 2 specific room layouts
New Feature: Restart Button!
  1. Press Y on the Pause Menu to instantly reset the current dungeon
    1. The Endless Dungeon will still rearrange itself when reset
    2. Has no effect in the Versus Dungeon
Balance Changes:
  1. Knight now runs 11% faster than Mage by default
    1. Mage can still outrun Knight by rapidly shooting uncharged firebolts backwards while running.
  2. Made it slightly easier for Knight to repeatedly stab the same wall while running alongside it, effectively doubling your running speed
  3. Reduced Mage's time bonus for clearing an Endless Dungeon room by 0.5 seconds
  4. Room 2 and 3 of Mage's Training Dungeon have been swapped, to better demonstrate how to boost run speed by shooting small firebolts behind you
Gratitude Polish:
  1. Added sparks to the menu swords when scrolling
  2. Reanimated Knight's plume for smoother secondary animation
  3. Juiced up the visuals when players hurt each other in the Versus Dungeon
  4. Added medals to the Versus Dungeon results screen
  5. Moles positioned over a pit now have a visible tube to duck into
  6. Improved splashing liquid particle effects
  7. Added ripples when player is in a puddle
  8. Improved Fanny's particle effects
  9. Added several new particle effects when vandalizing Break Room decor