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Description AAAHH!! Get through the dungeon as fast as you can! DO IT!! Running at top speed is TOO SLOW!! You're going to need to build up momentum by stabbing the walls, throwing grappling hooks, and shooting fireballs to propel yourself at MAXIMUM VELOCITY!! Grab a friend IF THEY CAN FREAKING KEEP UP to tear through each room. Take a crash course in the Training Dungeon to hone your speedrun skills, then take them to the Daily Dungeon (which changes every day at midnight) or the Endless Dungeon (which should be self explanatory but if it's not TOO BAD WE DON'T HAVE TIME!!) And if you somehow find yourself with minutes to spare, head over to the Versus Dungeon and proceed to KILL EACH OTHER quick as you like. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! Go! Hurry!!
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3 Comment(s) kantackistan kantackistan Balance Changes:
  1. Adjusted running animation for Knight and Mage:
    1. Running speed now oscillates a very small amount to simulate footsteps
    2. Average movement speed is unaffected by this change
    3. Oscillation vanishes when going faster than the default run speed (wall jumps, hookshots, shooting)
New Obstacles:
  1. Added Craig the Happy Celery from Saucy Daikon & Huggable Eggplant!
    1. Wanders back and forth until disturbed or stuck - then changes direction
    2. Craig is harmless, invincible, and useless... but will scream back when you scream
  2. Added the Follogon - the player's ship from Depoly!
    1. Flies around and slices Players in half with its razor-sharp polygon edges
    2. Moves faster than Players, but has a wide turning radius
  3. Added the Follotron - the guided missile from Neon Driftway!
    1. Homes in on the nearest player and explodes on contact
    2. Has a tighter turning radius than the Follogon, but moves even faster
  4. Added Carousels
    1. Large sections of the floor rotate, carrying you and grounded enemies along
  5. Added TNT Crates
    1. Any damage will detonate the crate
    2. Players in the blast radius will also explode
  6. Added Booster Pads
    1. Step into the center for a burst of speed in the indicated direction
    2. Some boost pads will periodically change direction
  7. Added Portals
    1. Players/enemies that enter one portal exit the other
    2. Momentum is conserved between portals
  8. Added Bernies
    1. Flamethrowers built into the floor create vertical pillars of fire
    2. Unlike spiked floors, you can't safely pass through fire by moving fast enough
  9. Added Swingis
    1. 360-degree rotating laser turrets with unlimited range
  10. Added Meebs
    1. Tiny, gooey enemies who slither towards you in swarms
    2. Very weak, their only strength is their numbers
New Versus Dungeons:
  1. 09 - Laser Tag
  2. 10 - Roundabout Bout
  3. 11 - Portal Kombat
Other Improvements:
  1. Burnt Players now have a unique sound effect and leave behind a pile of ash
  2. Added several extra room layouts
  3. Certain special layouts now have different possible random variations
    1. (The Daily Dungeon is guaranteed to use the same variations per day)
  4. Added several extra combinations which can affect all existing layouts
  5. Anglotls have been reworked:
    1. Sprites were redrawn from scratch
    2. Anglotls can now spawn facing any angle, instead of just 4 diagonals
    3. Added new sound and particle effects for collisions
    4. Doubled the frames of the defeat animation
    5. Movement speed has been slightly reduced
  6. Colapsos (purple black holes) now have a 1/4 chance of being red Repulsos, which repel players/firebolts instead of sucking them in
    1. Improved animation for both Colapsos and Repulsos
  7. Added 3 new jingles, which have a rare chance to play when crossing the finish line
  8. Removed 1-frame flicker when loading a large number of objects for the next room
  9. Improved particle effect for an enemy taking damage
Eelir Eelir Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Beginner Programmer I'm just starting out! I'm still trying to grasp the basics. Programming Strength Duuuude this game is so amazing would love to see an official game on eshop even if it needs to be bought and I would love it if that were to have online. This game runs so well and I can't wait until I finally get to a point of making good games like this. kantackistan kantackistan Fixes:
  1. Prevented non-icey rooms from icing over
  2. Prevented Bumpyoos from blocking the only exit for 2 specific room layouts
New Feature: Restart Button!
  1. Press Y on the Pause Menu to instantly reset the current dungeon
    1. The Endless Dungeon will still rearrange itself when reset
    2. Has no effect in the Versus Dungeon
Balance Changes:
  1. Knight now runs 11% faster than Mage by default
    1. Mage can still outrun Knight by rapidly shooting uncharged firebolts backwards while running.
  2. Made it slightly easier for Knight to repeatedly stab the same wall while running alongside it, effectively doubling your running speed
  3. Reduced Mage's time bonus for clearing an Endless Dungeon room by 0.5 seconds
  4. Room 2 and 3 of Mage's Training Dungeon have been swapped, to better demonstrate how to boost run speed by shooting small firebolts behind you
Gratitude Polish:
  1. Added sparks to the menu swords when scrolling
  2. Reanimated Knight's plume for smoother secondary animation
  3. Juiced up the visuals when players hurt each other in the Versus Dungeon
  4. Added medals to the Versus Dungeon results screen
  5. Moles positioned over a pit now have a visible tube to duck into
  6. Improved splashing liquid particle effects
  7. Added ripples when player is in a puddle
  8. Improved Fanny's particle effects
  9. Added several new particle effects when vandalizing Break Room decor