? R-OS Bee, The Definitive R-OS with a Fresh Coat of Bees. ● SmileBASIC Source

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R-OS Bee, The Definitive R-OS with a Fresh Coat of Bees.

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Description R-OS Bee 5.1 is coming soon! The R-OS Saturn we all know and love, but blazingly fast and with a new look and better soundtrack. All formally written code is property of their respective creators. Features NEW - B.2
  1. The biggest R-OS yet! R-OS 4.5-B.2 is bursting at the seams with new content, pushing R-OS and SmileBASIC to its very limit! (Literally - this project is only 524 bytes away from the size limit!)
  2. As such, you may find this project to be a very long download - a throwback to R-OS vanilla's long setup time. However, despite nearly hitting the size limit, we couldn't quite fully emulate R-OS's setup time, so if you want the real experience, I suggest trying vanilla R-OS Saturn. Major Changes
  3. New (old?) R-OS Logo. It may be blasphemous to waste hundreds of milleseconds on a logo, but it was put there to symbolize RGames' pride. Why is it flickering?
  4. Scream Transfer Protocol, or SCP. That's right, the most revolutionary way to transfer files from your PC to SmileBASIC is here. Scream into the mic for 1s, and don't for 0s! Eventually, you could transfer almost anything, including music. So, I suggest you get those vocal chords ready.
  5. 3D Video Player - Fully working this time! Turn up 3D all the way to see the characters pop! And you can admire the beautiful backgrounds, too.
  6. Now when you play music, a grand new background will show up on the homescreen.
  7. Homebrew Menu? A new homebrew icon has appeared, but it doesn't seem to be fully stable at the moment, so you might see some weird behavior. (Try blowing into the mic after launching it.)The clock and program editor also seem to be bugged... Huh...
I hope you enjoy it! B.1
  1. Improved Soundtrack. Turn up the volume!
  2. Added a new videos app, complete with its own custom icon. It's a WIP, but it can play viruses!
  3. Improved the music app - included a new hit single.
  4. Added constant relaxing SFX to the main homescreen, for you ASMR folks out there.
  5. Minor enhancements to improve the user's experience.
  1. Record low load times - this is the fastest we've seen R-OS yet!
  2. Minimal setup - You just run it. There's no first time setup needed. And don't worry, you didn't need to partition that invisible HDD after all. (That's funny, I thought the 3DS ran on a NAND chip.)
  3. Improved cursor - Now buttery smooth and can move in any direction. Not to mention it's faster, and you can slow it down by moving the circle pad less.
  4. New theme - We're embracing the "B" of version 4.5-B!
Instructions Simply run --START-- at the very top. No setup necessary.
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89 Comment(s) ProKuku ProKuku Pokemon Is Awesome! I love Pokemon! Express Yourself Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself QSP Contest 1 Contest Participant I participated in the first SmileBASIC Source QSP Contest! I love the “B” feature, but why don’t you have emoji movie features in this OS? I mean come on man, you need to attract a crowd with bigger and better memes. h267 h267 Third Year My account is over 3 years old Website Avatar Taboo I didn't change my avatar for 180 days Website Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself You're right. This is just the beginning. Many more features will be added in the future as new R-OS versions are added! 1 2