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📣 Changed hosts (ONLY old.smilebasicsource.com)

  • #1 ✎ 1125 randomous Owner Robot Hidden Easter Eggs Second Year My account is over 2 years old Website Drawing I like to draw! Hobbies I've run out of time left on the old server host. Rather than renewing, I've moved old.smilebasicsource.com to something local. The local version is less reliable. You may experience random downtimes in excess of 1 hour, or if a move is required, upwards of a day or more. All of these events should be pretty infrequent, but I figured you should know. Oh, or if a hurricane hits, there may be an extended outage until the power comes back on. Posted
  • #2 ✎ 1580 rando Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Third Year My account is over 3 years old Website Avatar Taboo I didn't change my avatar for 180 days Website Cool Posted