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2D Flight Game

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Description It's super unfinished, so you can go off screen, raise and lower your pitch too much, the flak isn't implemented, you can't land, etc. I mostly submitted it to submit it, I really started slacking on it and just never got around to making it at least presentable, but here it is anyway. The reason the flight is kinda weak closer to the ground is because you were originally supposed to be able to land, and the engine output reflects this and mirrors reflect light. The "Flak Attack" and "controls" tabs in the main menu don't work right now, I slapped the menu together last minute. The little red house is full of communists Instructions The throttle control only works in the mid altitude flight right now, and is controlled with up and down on the D-pad left and right on the D-pad controls pitch the top and bottom of the screen are how you change between landing, mid, and high altitudes. There is no crashing or stalling going off screen is very easy.
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