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Description This project is outdated, head to the newer SmileBASIC 4 version here: https://new.smilebasicsource.com/pages/299 IMPORTANT: I have made the decision to indefinitely stop development of BF2SB for SmileBASIC 3. This means that BF2SB v2.2.2 is currently the last version that will be released for it. I made this decision because SmileBASIC 4 has released overseas, so I don't really see a reason to continue development on an outdated version of SmileBASIC. It makes it harder to release updates, as I have to make optimizations between versions. Development of BF2SB will continue on SmileBASIC 4. README: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/HTV04/BF2SB-SB3/master/README.txt This is a tool that converts brainfuck code to SmileBASIC 3 code. It features a code minifier (which allows for indentation and comments for source code) and an optimizer, as well as optimization and indentation for the converted code. Three brainfuck programs are included in this project as examples: a hello world program, a cat program (displays input), and a program that displays square numbers. The project also includes a debug program for checking the bit width. If you want to learn more about Brainfuck, go here: https://esolangs.org/wiki/Brainfuck Features added in v2.0 (apart from the whopping size increase from 5.1 KB to 19.0 KB!):
  1. Brainfuck code can now be optimized (on by default).
  2. Updated converted code optimization to support more sets of code.
  3. Heavily improved indentation. It is now done alongside the conversion process and is a lot faster.
  4. Added brainfuck code optimization option ("OPTIMIZE").
  5. Added memory size option ("MEMSIZE").
  6. Added bit width option ("BITWIDTH").
  7. Added extra comments option ("SBCOMMENTS").
  8. Added converted code optimization option ("SBOPTIMIZE").
  9. Added fail-safes for options.
  10. Included "BITWIDTH.B".
  11. Updated code formatting and comments.
  12. Made separate file "-README.TXT" for more information about BF2SB. If there's anything that you would like me to improve for BF2SB, please leave a comment!
  1. Make sure the converter is in SLOT 0.
  2. Type/load brainfuck code in SLOT 1.
  3. Run the converter by pressing START.
  4. Converted code is saved to SLOT 2 and is automatically run.
Notes Special thanks: phil_ (for base code) snail_ (for YARN.LIB)
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