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Simulating DIRECT Mode

The following code simulates how DIRECT mode works, including how it parses syntax. It’s obviously not exact, especially because the simulator uses Slot 3 to run code. 'DIRECT Mode Simulator 'By HTV04 PRGEDIT 3 PRGDEL -1 PROJECT OUT PRJN$ WHILE 1 IF PRJN$=="" THEN PRINT "OK" ELSE PRINT "["+PRJN$+"]OK" ENDIF LINPUT "";E$ IF LEFT$(E$,5)=="NEW 1" THEN PRGEDIT 1 PRGDEL -1 PRGEDIT 3 ELSEIF LEFT$(E$,5)=="NEW 2" THEN PRGEDIT 1 PRGDEL -1 PRGEDIT 3 ELSEIF LEFT$(E$,5)=="RUN 1" THEN EXEC 1 ELSEIF LEFT$(E$,5)=="RUN 2" THEN EXEC 2 ELSE PRGINS E$ EXEC 3 PRGDEL -1 ENDIF WEND
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