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A Persevering Holy Sophistry [OSP] [No Regrets Edition]

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Description Northern Project: Wondrous Northern Story ~ A Persevering Holy Sophistry Celebrating the 1 day anniversary of the original release of the aPHS OSP, A Persevering Holy Sophistry: No Regrets Edition is a revision with new features and more polished mechanics, resolving all the regrets in the contest release. This revision is non-competing as far as the contest is concerned. In the interest of fairness, please use the version in the OSP package key for voting decisions. That said, this is the definitive version. This is a one-screen program. Yes, it is a Touhou reference. changes: - Star Ball physics corrected after Y remembered that they messed up - Movement speed increased - Lives system - Life Extend Diamond power up - Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience Instructions (A) Button: throw knife Circle Pad X-Axis: move player (L]/[R) + Circle Pad: dive Use your Star Ball to flip tokens. If the ball falls off the bottom of the screen, the player loses a life. The ball must be kept in the air by hitting it with throwing knives, or by diving under it. Collect the LIFE EXTEND DIAMOND with the Star Ball to extend your attempts for the stage. Notes The title is an anagram of Highly Responsive to Prayers. Special Thanks: - 12Me21 for some golfing advice - auceps for hosting the key (as of 05 April, 2019) - 12Me21 for hosting the key (as of 05 April, 2019)
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